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about izif

The International Zen Institute of Florida is a branch of the International Zen Institute. The IZIF conducts practice at the Dharma House, an oasis of peace in the urban district around Miami. The Dharma House offers a program that is tailor-made for people who seriously want to practice Zen and at the same time want to live and work in society.

The Dharma House is located in Coconut Grove. The sangha is international with students from more than a dozen different countries, many from Latin America.

The program of the Dharma House consists of meditation three evenings a week. Zen Days are held bi-monthly on Saturdays and several 5 or 7-day retreats during the year. An Introduction course of four weekly meetings is held twice a year. There are monthly informal sangha meetings with a video or reading, lunch, et cetera.

Soan Poor, Osho, and Jigen Poor are Zen teachers at the Dharma House. Every year Jiun Hogen, Roshi, spiritual leader of the sangha, comes to Florida from the Netherlands to teach.